Inspiration event for women - "Inspirasjonskveld for kvinner"

September 23 2017

Yesterday I co-hosted an inspiration event for women together with Hilde Hauge and Marita Maeland at Hjelmeland Spa-Hotel.

We are all entrepreneurs, having our own business and wanted to share our journey with other women, also to create a get together event for inspiring networking and good vibes.


Hilde Hauge: Photographer and founder of Feien & Fjong (interior designer)

Marita Maeland: Yogateacher, reiki master and representing essential oils. doTERRA

Me: Founder of Solvik YOGA and traveling yogini


To pursue your passion and dreams you must fully belive in yourself and your ability. Listen to your intuition and trust your vibes. You might experience failure and setbacks, but that's life. When it's challenging and hard, don't let it discourage you. Find solutions and work through it. It's hard to focus on "when you can leave this challenging time behind you" when you are in the middle of it, fighting to get through it, but remember that you will learn something from this journey, it will make you stronger, deeper, more reflected and shape you tho the person you are today. Never, ever give up. Be creative, find solutions and create a vision so strong that nothing will wipe you off. Belive in your self and tell your self: "Yes, I can!"

We had welcome drinks with apple juice from Gronvik Gard and  chips made of plantain banana, Ivy's Chips.

Gunvor Fiskaa, founder of Ryfylke Bakeri created a menu suitable for this event (vegan, vegetarian and meat dish) and something sweet.



Curry with chicken

Chickpea & coconut soup

Beanragu with seasonal vegetabels


Wild rice



All meals milk- and glutenfree (execpt the foccacia)


It tasted heavenly and I'm still full today (did you see my instagram story? Yes, I ate all the desserts on my plate after two big plates of tapas).

Amazing, personal and inspiring presentations from the entrepreneurs/ event hostesses and the food was so delicious (as always), rich in flavours and beautiful colors.

One of our favourite essential oils: Wild Orange. Benefits: energizing and uplifting, immune boosting and anxiety relief.


We ended the event with a lot of give-aways, good vibes, big smiles and hugs with a touch of essential oils from doTERRA.


Thank you so much to everyone of you beautiful souls who attended this event. I'm so grateful for spending my evening with all of you <3





Welcome to free morning yoga class and support NRK Telethon

Friday, 29th of September Tastasenter, Unicef Norge and me, representing Solvik YOGA invited to a free morning yoga class at Tastasenter, Stavanger at 09.15 - 09.45. For every person attending this event, Tastasenter donated 100 NOK to the annual Norwegian tradition, the NRK Telethon. Every autumn raises this nationwide charity campaign raises money for a chosen cause.

Education builds the future

With the funds from the Telethon this year, UNICEF will provide education and learning to children caught behind the front lines of war and conflict. Education gives children a chance to build and secure a future for themselves, their family and their country. This years Telethon will provide relief to some of the most vulnerable people in the world, children in South-Sudan, Syria, Mali, Pakistan and Colombia. (

I had a 30 minute yoga class open for everyone, for waking up the spine, body and mind and to focus on awareness, before all the shops opened in the shopping center.

Tastaveden Secondary School, Stavanger

Headmaster of Tastaveden Secondary Scool in Stavanger contacted Tastasenter immediatly with information: we would love to support. About 360 students and staff joined us for yoga in Tastahallen.


I'm so impressed about how they organized everything. 360 people in and out. Everything went smooth and teaching yoga to this big group of young students and staff  was an incredible and unforgettable experience.


20.000 NOK in donations to UNICEF

Hurray, word can't describe the feeling knowing that these two yoga classes brought 20.000 NOK in donations to Unicef. I'm so happy and thankful. So grateful to be a part of this and to have been able to share yoga with many beautiful souls and support education to children in South-Sudan, Syria, Mali, Pakistan and Colombia.


Yoga collected donations to NRK Telethon 2017

October 2, 2017

Anne Siv Aasen